The Appeal of Omi Beef's


In Japanese there is an expression tema-hima (手間ひま), which means time and effort, and embodies the concept of “carefully performing and devoting oneself to work.” The greatest care and dedication, tema-hima, are also put into the production of certified Omi Beef.

Insistence on Small-Volume Production

Once people taste Omi Beef, they are amazed by its deliciousness and the depth of its flavor. These attributes represent the full essence of certified Omi Beef. We believe most visitors to this website, especially non-Japanese, have probably never had the opportunity to eat certified Omi Beef. One reason for this is due to its limited production.

Every year a mere 6,000 cattle certified as Omi Beef are shipped. Therefore, the distribution of Omi Beef is limited and it is currently only available at certain fine dining establishments. However, this means that producers can raise each and every head of cattle with a deep pride and passion, devoting the greatest care and time (tema-hima). Unlike mass-produced cattle, Omi Beef is raised with techniques and an insistence on small-volume production, in the same way that a traditional craftsman produces a masterpiece.

While it is in fact possible to ship more than 6,000 of these cattle annually, we stand firm on limiting production because we believe that this is the source of the high quality of certified Omi Beef.

The Secret of the Delicious Flavor of Omi Beef

A great deal of care and time are put into rearing certified Omi Beef, which directly leads directly to a delicate flavor and fine fat marbling. Raised on the rich agricultural lands around Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture, Omi Beef possesses a fine and tender meat quality, sweet and light fat, and a mellow aroma. The meat has a high oleic acid content and is soft and delicious. Even among wagyu, oleic acid-rich Omi Beef has a low-melting temperature for fat. It also has a pleasant aroma when lightly broiled and salted, and its delightful taste is pure perfection in the taster’s mouth even without salt. Moreover, it’s a well-known fact that oleic acid has health and beauty benefits.

Certified Omi Beef is also highly compatible not only with Japanese cuisine but also with French cuisine for which butter and milk-based thick sauces are a main part of the cuisine. In fact, Omi Beef is enjoyed at numerous restaurants overseas.